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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Contraflow Map Pilot Released!

We've just finished the alpha version of New Orleans Contraflow Map:
New Orleans Contraflow Map
Comments would be greatly appreciated. Please post them here.

Note: Only the I-10 Contraflow to Baton Rouge (i.e Contrastate 10) has been published. We want to lock down the UI before we map everything else. We will map the rest of the Greater New Orleans area within the week. We are planning to release the first public version on September 1st.

For what it's worth, here is our current To Do List:

  1. Route to Kentwood

    1. I55

    2. Causeway

  2. Route to Poplarville

    1. 10 West

    2. Twinspan

  3. Printable Route Map (See Google Print Function)

  4. Adwords (All Proceeds Donated to NOLA Recovery)

  5. Make Arrows Clickable

  6. Add Tabbed InfoWindows to show alternate aerial or Ground Level View

  7. Replace I-55 Crossover Poly

  8. Encode Polylines for faster rendering

  9. Verify Info with LSU/LSP

  10. Route Survey or Show Results using Analytics Data as Source

  11. Show full evacuate map with marching ants

  12. Map of Gas Stations on Contraflow Routes

  13. Hotel List Generator

  14. Estimate Drivetimes

  15. Clean Code

    1. Check for Browser Memory Leaks

    2. Standardize Variables

    3. XML Data for Easier Cloning

  16. Add Credits Page
  17. Printable Evacuation Package

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