Hurricane Evacuation Route
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-Contraflow starts 30 hours before the onset of tropical winds

-Exits off of some Contrastate lanes may not be allowed

-Always obey law enforcement traffic instructions

Thursday, August 16, 2007 is live

New Orleans is buzzing about Dean. We cut the pilot short. Thanks for all of the emails and blog love.
Check out
Here is what we've added:
  • Google AdSense (all proceeds will go to New Orleans recovery organizations)
  • Added a Help / About Us page
  • Routed Jackson via I-55 and added some route tips (Please comment on this Route UI)
  • Upgraded our host (1&1 Internet)
  • Changed our destination cities to Jackson and Hattiesburg
  • Started laying out the printable versions
Comments are appreciated.

Today we are trying to route the three missing contraflow routes and publish the printable versions of each route. Then we'll start on the rest of the list:

25. Add Alternate / Submitted Routes
26. Add Arrows after initial crossover to help show direction
27. Full Browser Test
28. Reduce Arrow Size
29. Load Test
30. Bookmark This Route
31. Dampen Scroll Mouse
32. Make Arrows Clickable
33. I55 Cross Arial Views are 79KB
34. Add Tabbed InfoWindows to show alternate aerial or Ground Level View
35. Replace I-55 Crossover Poly
36. Encode Polylines for faster rendering
37. Message Board for Each Route
38. Verify Info with LSU/LSP
39. Route Survey or Show Results using Analytics Data as Source
40. Show full evacuation map with marching ants
41. Map of Gas Stations, Welcome Centers and Hospitals that are accessible on Contraflow Routes
42. Hotel List Generator
43. Estimate Drivetimes (City of NO has this done)
44. Clean Code
  1. Check for Browser Memory Leaks
  2. Split Pages
  3. Standardize Variables
  4. XML Data for Easier Cloning

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Anna Sebestyen said...

You have done a great job that deserves attention from anyone affected by LA evacuation. Thanks.
I have blogged about it here:
but will also personally tell about it to friends.